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Our professional team helps international investors by evaluating markets and presenting update information. This company works on promoting the export activities of Iran, by accepting national and international fund for developing economic activities.

With the help of expert advisers, we evaluate the national and international markets and give manufacturers advice on which markets are the most suitable for the supply of goods, in addition to identifying distribution channels in the export markets, by creating a distribution management system We help the manufacturer to deliver their goods.

The company also provides after-sales services for customers.

One of other activities of this group is the documentation required for exporting and arrange required coordinating for transportation, export insurance, customs services and warehousing services.

Elin Trading Company, participate with directly or indirectly in international tender offers in order to present Iran’s products and services in international markets. Other activities of this group is getting representatives from the manufacturers inside of Iran for export to international markets. We provide raw materials or required technology from inside or outside of Iran to produce our own products.
Another example of the services provided by Elin Trading Company is to facilities from national and international banks for the purpose of doing business, and this export management group is also organizing and participating in both national and international exhibitions. It also send business group to inside and outside of Iran by obtaining permission from relevant organizations.